Space and time accelerator machine Invention

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Space and time accelerator machine Invention

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As you can see, this device is designed to be seen in the form of butter , we cut it from the front line of China can be seen to the cut three applications for this device is. Can probes Space will accelerate to the speed of light and can be used to accelerate the time machine and for energy! The following description, will be discussed.
The name of the section:
1. the recipient of laser energy (light cells) of a space elevator or the force produced by the accelerator
2. power plant
3. The electric motor (or otherwise) the coil (red) is connected to the upper hemisphere and hemispherical rotor bottom (blue) (in contrast to conventional engines at the same time and the same mechanism fixed and moving parts rotates)
4. cable television, the number of which is four (cables against each other in two different hemispheres of equal rotation between the two hemispheres divided to force)
5. hemispherical high
6- hemispherical bottom
7. Cable
It is because the time of launch, the length of cables is to 50 thousand kilometers and the speed is too high and should be performed in space. Because of the small size of the device can then build one or rocket into space (description on the space elevator can search the Internet), but the cables must be separated .gender of missile elevator ride or the cable due to thin tolerance and elasticity of carbon nanotubes will be the centrifugal acceleration could possibly run the elevators. It is better to maneuver in all directions out of orbit and connected to the ground because it does not need to be perfectly balanced machine is designed to be fixed in space .
Grab and throw mechanism :
Accelerators can probe that was long due to the need to give high-speed acceleration up to the speed of light in space after the exposure device and the rotation of the route (structure has missle to set its direction ) Reysmuses Cables connected to the desired length at the beginning of a meter (pictured probe are not the accelerator and start to work like this) when the device rotates, centrifugal force is created. This force causes the cable around the axis (4) is complex, open and cable length of one meter to a few meters and then a few kilometers until you reach the cable length to 50 kilometers (speed of rotation of the device during a round in seconds) almost reached the speed of light and the speed of your probe cable release (depending on the length of cable runs or less, and thus the rotation speed range up or down) to the desired direction throw If we look at the space elevator mechanism is almost the same between space and earth cables are the first after the cabin from the ground began to rise. But with a little difference in the accelerator cable length is zero space probe from the outset that the centrifugal force created by rotation and acceleration began to rise with him, and when he came cable length to 50-thousand-kilometer a result of the circumference of a circle probe 300 thousand kilometers (in a second) move (ie circumference = radius x 2 x 3/14) and then throw down. It can then launch cables together to reduce not only speed up when it turns up next launch next throw was high rotation speed to go up again to reach a second round after the start of the cable connected to the probe as a result, such as elevators, excavators also using rollers on the cable end of the cable to reach the peak. As a result, since the end of the cable is moving at a speed of 300 thousand kilometers, the probe also thrown at the same rate and to the end .
Fashion Design :
As you can see this acceleration mechanism is a centrifugal force to the device
And also makes other hemisphere does not continue to thwart these two forces facing each other with the cable of a cable weeks to offset the centrifugal force

And that when the motor starts spinning, winding does not spin alone, but also spin the rotor and windings. At the same time also must throw every time to launch a probe launched another object weight of the object in the image is considered a time machine (which explains the use of this type of machine time on the Internet, and the scope of this description, ) and can accommodate other probe put a time machine in which case thrown in the opposite direction (it is clear that at such speeds, the car travel into the future is the browser itself!) or can be offset with missiles the rocket after launch to the help of the gravitational force from other planets (and himself) can turn around and be on but will not offset the release of cultivation (the choice depends on the type of organization to implement an economic program of any Which of these methods is) a description of the project was to be paid to the general theory of relativity and to deal with the results when an organization is responsible for the implementation of refusal.
Energy generation :
The third application is referred to energy production, resulting in prototyping and testing time after the accelerator cable probe will be tested in this way will be the cable length or speed, so much so that the speed of the tip of the cable to the The speed of light is the reaction of the speed test comes after the three modes.
1. Speed is not the end of the cable to the speed of light!
2. speed of light and the amount of cable that is changing at the speed of light that is both usable or not or the changing nature of the energy if the tip of the cable and can be used as the image was sent into the laser and the receiver (of course, the energy recovery system is possible in three ways not seen in the picture and explain reserved)
3. lighting is calling and it passes quickly! (To test the theory of relativity for macroscopic objects Accelerator is the ideal tool )
Nuclear power plants generate electricity because it is considered as if for whatever reason not be able to continue to accelerate energy
Safety considerations will include prototyping ...
The device number (28800332203) Has been registered.
( ( f. Rezai ) ( iran
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Re: Space and time accelerator machine Invention

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